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Pani ke golgappe

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Who doesn’t loves Pani puri, Golgappe or Pani Puri is a drooling chaat item and tops in the list of Indian street foods. Deep fried and puffed puris stuffed with chunks of boiled potatoes and spicy mint tamarind water, is a delight and makes a great snack. These puirs are also known as ‘Batashe’ in North India and ‘Puchka’ in West Bengal.

Making pani puri at home is not a very tedious task, but deep frying the puris requires a bit of patience. Though, readymade puris are easily available in the market, but making them at home with pure passion is something that is truly worth. I would definitely post the recipe of making these crisp puris or puchka in coming days. Right now enjoy my recipes for delicious golgappa filling and tongue tickling ‘Imli Ka Pani’ or spicy tamarind water.

 *Do not miss to store the puris in air tight containers and just before serving, bake them for 5 minutes. They would taste fresh and crispy.

*Serve pani puris in get together, kitty parties, festive parties or any occasion you like. Do not miss to team up with dahi puris, it makes a classic combination. How about organizing a ‘Chaat Party’ at home and serving pani puris in disposable plates? It would be a hit for sure!

*While serving pani puri, do not miss to serve along sweet sonth chutney and khatti mint coriander chutney along with some chopped onion so that everyone can adjust the flavors as per preference.

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Pani Puri

Who doesn't loves Pani puri? Pani puri or Pani ke golgappe is a drooling chaat item and tops in the list of Indian street foods. This pani puri are also known as Golgappe or Puchka.

Preparation Time : 5 minutes
Cooking Time : 0

Category : Street food
Cuisine :
Servings : 25 servings

Author : Sunayana Gupta

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Recipe Ingredients

  • Golgappa/puri/puchka – 25

For filling –

  • Boiled potatoes (Peeled n diced) – 1 cup
  • Kala channa (Soaked, boiled & drained) – ½ cup
  • Onion (Chopped) – As required (Optional)
  • Sweet tamarind chutney – As required (Optional)
  • Sev – As required (Optional)

For spicy mint tamarind water –

  • Mint leaves – ½ cup
  • Coriander leaves – ½ cup
  • Tamarind pulp – ¾ cup
  • Green chilly – 2-3 or to taste
  • Ginger – 1 inch piece
  • Cumin powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Chaat masala – 2 teaspoon
  • Black salt – To taste
  • White salt – To taste
  • Water – About 4 cups
  • Boondi – ¼ cup (Optional)

How to make Pani Puri

Making ‘Pani’ -

  • To begin with making pani puris at home(Get recipe of puris/golgappe …..) ,lets start with grinding the masala for spicy mint tamarind water.
  • For this, take all the ingredients listed under second category (Except water & boondi) and grind to a smooth paste. Add little water while grinding if required.
  • Empty this masala in a big bowl and add about 4 cups of water. Stir properly with a big spoon. Taste for salt and add accordingly. Spicy water for pani puri is ready. Add boondi and put in refrigerater.

Making filling -

  • Now, for the ‘Filling’ we need to take all ingredients in first category in a bowl and mix. Do not add sweet tamarind chutney, as everyone may not like sweet flavor in each golgappa. Serve it separately.

Assembling & serving -

  • Arrange puris in a plate and make a small hole in the center with your thumb.
  • Stuff each puri with the filling…more or less, whatever you like.
  • Sprinkle some sev and drizzle some sweet tamarind chutney in each puri.
  • Take pani puri water in medium bowl. Dip each puri in water and enjoy!

And last but not the least, remember…‘Chaat’ is all about mixing and individual taste. So, be free to make any changes in the quantities listed above. While making, keep tasting the filling and water and make adjustments in ingredients till your taste buds approve!

Tips –

  • You can serve some chopped ginger, mint, chilly, pomegranate seeds separately to suit individual taste.
  • Add some sprouts in the filling to make a healthier version. Or you can simply skip potatoes and make the whole filling with sprouts.
  • Do not miss to stir the water just before serving as the masala settles down and you may not get to enjoy all flavors.

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