Start Eating Beetroot To Reap It’s Amazing Health Benefits

Whether you love its earthy flavor or not, these crunchy beetroots can at once win the place on your breakfast table for its Amazing Health Benefits. Being originated from Europe, this vibrant colored vegetable was first cultivated by the Romans. It was during the period of 19th century, when scientists revealed that beetroots contain the highest amount of sugar contents. Moving forward beet plant was used for extracting sucrose to serve the commercial purpose.

Knowing how many benefits you can reap from the beetroot will convince you to add beetroots to the regular diet.

Helps In Detoxification

This vegetable is considered as a natural purifier. It pulls out the toxins to help you detoxify your body. Regular intake of beetroot juice can increase your stamina by producing red blood cells.

Controls Your Weight:

Though beetroots contain high sugar content, they are low caloric. If you are looking for an ideal weight loss diet, beetroot juice can help you control your weight on the other hand, with a good amount.

Improves Cardiac Health:

Betanin, the pigment responsible for the color of beetroot, works as a potential antioxidant to reduce bad cholesterol while protecting you from cardiac diseases or stroke.

Promotes Ideal Care For Your Hair:

Beetroot can work as one of the best hair care ingredients in order to help you get rid of those unwanted flakes on your scalp. Apart from having beetroot on your diet chart, you can try some hair mask out of it as well. Mix a little amount of fresh beetroot juice with ginger juice and vinegar before applying it on your scalp. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes until it gets dried and then rinse thoroughly.

Let’s take up the habit of eating a beetroot and derive its benefits throughout your lifetime!

Sunayana Gupta, Food Consultant

Sunayana Gupta, Food Consultant

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