Melon Seeds

Generally, the word melon leads us to the idea of watermelons. That is merely a healthyfruit you will find in the Indian subcontinent, which tastes very refreshing. But thewatermelon seeds are not much used in Indian cooking. Melon is highly nutritious andpossesses the cooling elements to keep the stomach cool in summer. On the other hand, itslow calorie seeds have immense contribution towards a good health.

In Indian cooking, seeds of white melon are more applied than the watermelon seeds. Theseseeds have a grayish white shell in their outer part and for different recipes, they are usedeither with the outer shell or as the peeled oval kernel.

The muskmelon seeds are called ‘magaz’ colloquially and they are usually dried to make theIndian desserts yummier. Melon seeds are enriched with different nutrients along withprotein, vitamins, fatty acids like omega-3 and healthy fats. Though you can’t find anyspecific scent of these seeds, they are a little bit nutty as well as sweet in taste.

How To Select:

Choosing the perfect melon seeds for cooking is not at all tough. Both homemade andcommercial ways are available. You can purchase the melon seeds from super markets oreasily dry them up at home after a thorough cleaning. The sun dried method is always therefor you if you want to avoid the commercially processed seeds. Peel off the outer shell orkeep it if you want and put it to dry under sunlight for some days.

Culinary Uses

The melon seeds have huge array of uses in the kitchen. These seeds have variousapplications as in baking, garnishing cakes, preparing tasty snacks, drinks, traditional dishlike halwa and other sweets. In fact, roasted inner kernel of the melon seeds is too deliciousto consume without cooking. For a good mouth freshener, melon seeds can be used if takenwith nuts and spices. Fruit puddings, cakes and custards will taste more appetizing if youadd these melon seeds into them.

The paste of melon seed kernels help in increasing both the consistency and taste of spicyvegetarian and non-vegetarian curries. The hard shells of the seeds are never wasted andused for preparing breads.

How To Store:

It’s very easy to store melon seeds. You should take an airtight container and put the seedsinto it. Now place it in any dark and dry place.

Health Benefits:

Improved immunity: Immunity and cardiovascular systems of human bodies are improvedwith the use of melon seeds.

Quick healing: These seeds seem to help in healthy blood-fat level reduction and makehealing faster than usual period.

Live healthier: Folic acid, magnesium, protein, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, huge amount ofantioxidants and zinc – all these elements in melon seeds are too healthy for human bodies.On a serious note, if you start consuming these seeds regularly, your nerves, skin and nails –all will be benefitted. At the same time, you will enjoy strong teeth and bones irrespective ofyour age.

Sunayana Gupta, Food Consultant

Sunayana Gupta, Food Consultant

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