Jaggery is a traditional, delicious and unrefined form of ‘cane sugar’ or ‘palm sugar’ which is generally consumed throughout Asia and in some parts of Africa. As it contains up to 50% of sucrose,20% invert sugars, protein, and insoluble fibers, jaggery is used as an alternative and cheaper sweetener of refined sugar. Mainly, in the different parts of India and in the neighboring countries,(like West Bengal, South India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka) jaggery is produced from date palm.

How To Store:

Often it’s a complaint that Jaggery gets affected by bacteria attack. To save it for future, put it in airtight containers and place the containers in dry place, away from moisture and heat.

How To Buy:

While purchasing jaggery from market, look at the manufacturing date since old jaggery will taste different; may be a little weirder than the fresh and current one.

Health Benefits of Jaggery:

1: Stimulates Bowel Movement:

Jaggery helps in digesting food items quickly by raising the activities of digestive enzymes in human body and stimulates bowel movements. This is the sole reason why people prefer jiggery after meals.

2: Put A Stop To Anemia:

The production of hemoglobin in human body is catalyzed by iron and jaggery is undoubtedly a big contributor in this case. If you add jaggery to daily cooking, it fills up the food preparations or eating a small amount of jaggery can actually fulfill your daily necessity of iron in human body. In this way,chances of iron deficiency or anemia are lowered.

3: Naturally Detoxifies Liver:

If you are willing to detox your body effectively, a piece of jaggery is enough yet. This will help detoxifying your liver with reduction of harmful toxins from your body. Often people with liver issues are recommended to have jaggery in their daily diet.

4: Improves Immunity:

Antioxidants as well as minerals present in jaggery, like zinc and selenium, take a major responsibility in preventing human bodies from viral attacks and improve resistance against infections. Therefore, having jaggery on a regular basis will surely enhance your immunity.

5: Lessens Cold & Flu Symptoms:

On everyday basis, mostly people suffer from flu like infections rather symptoms and water retention in addition to migraine. To fight these symptoms naturally, add small amount of jaggery into your tea or simply in a glass of warm water and you will visibly feel the advantages.

Culinary Uses

Jaggery is such an ingredient that can be used in both sweet and aromatic dishes in India and in the bordering countries. Dishes like Tilgul, chikki, vegetable curries, sambar, ‘payesh’, ‘Chutney’ and more regional cuisines in our country are incomplete without a pinch of jaggery into it. Rajasthani dish, ‘Gur Ka chawal’ is basically ‘jaggery rice’, a very famous staple throughout the state as well as country. In fact, according to Ayurvedic Medical system, jaggery is taken as a beneficial ingredient with lots of minerals present in it. Did you try our refreshing Panakam ?

Sunayana Gupta, Food Consultant

Sunayana Gupta, Food Consultant

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