How ‘Processed foods’ Effects Your Body System?

Research says that ‘Processed foods’ are being one of the main reasons for sickness and obesity throughout the world. Whenever people adopt a diet obtaining processed food, the ultimate outcome is to become fat and down with various diseases. Before letting you know how ‘Processed foods’ are affecting your health, here is the proper clarification on what ‘processed foods’ are.

Most of the food items what we intake are processed such as butter is processed from milk so as cheese. But these are mechanical processing that keeps the qualities intact, unlike the chemically processed ones in which artificial substances are added. The aim of creating processed food is to elongate the life of foods for selling out over time.

How Processed Foods lose all the Nutrients ?

Processed foods

Processed foods contain a number of non-food constituents such as synthetic vitamins, alkalizing agents etc. Foods, which are either entirely synthetic or have their necessary parts removed by men, mainly considered as ‘Processed foods’.

While undergoing the processing method, foods lose their essential nutrients to a huge extent. For instance, Brown rice loses the fibers when they are processed to prepare white rice out of it. Consumption of this white rice can increase the blood sugar level at once as the fibers that control the sugar release into blood streams are removed for processing along with minerals and vitamins. So consuming refined food on a long-term basis, can affect on entire health since the nutrients are depleted.

List of processed foods:

Processed foods

Though most of the foods bought from the stores are processed to some extent, not all the processed foods are bad at all. Some of the foods require processing for safety (milk is pasteurized to remove the harmful bacteria) and some are processed to use them. Some instances of commonly processed foods include:

-Breakfast cereals, which are commonly consumed by people nowadays

-Canned vegetables

-Packaged Cheese

-Processed breads

-Processed meat products (salami, sausage, bacon etc.)

-Ready-to-eat meals containing hydrogenated oils

-Soft drinks with artificial sweeteners

-Refined sugars like various kind of syrups, dextrose, sucrose, rice syrup and so on.

-Fast food as a source of trans fats

-Different junk foods including packaged cakes, cookies, chips, crackers etc.

-Boxed foods and frozen foods like pasta, pizza rolls, boxed meals and so on.


Effects of Processed Foods on Your Body

Increases the chances of Cardiac disease:

While consuming the processed snacks people hardly realize how much hydrogenated oil, trans fats or calories they are putting on. Consumption of omega-6 fatty acid in a huge amount increases the risk of cardiac arrest.

Processed foods

Cause abnormal weight gain:

People are prone to consume processed foods with their ‘low calorie’ tags mostly. While counting too much of calories, people keep eating foods which contain fewer nutrients. These processed foods not only cause weight gain but also tell upon your digestive system and give way to acidity issues.

Processed foods

Controls your mood and behavior:

Eating processed food can cause irritability whereas whole grain diet can help you maintain a cool mood with a healthy digestive system.

In short, processed food might save your hours, not life. So, help yourself live long with the real foods made from the scratch.

Processed foods

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Sunayana Gupta, Food Consultant

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