Health Benefits Of ‘Chironji Seeds’ You Must Know!

Health Benefits Of ‘Chironji Seeds’ You Must Know! The Chironji or Charoli is popularly known as an evergreen plant with immense medicinal values in India. Though the Latin name of these seeds is Buchanania lanzan, several names are there such as Boruda, Chirauli, Char and so on. This almond-flavored dry fruit is a common ingredient of cooking in India.
With its nutty taste and aromatic flavor, Chironji is mainly used in Indian curries to bring that ‘Shahi’ (Royal) taste instead of using the cashew paste, a very common ingredient. Moreover, in the preparation of the Indian sweets, it brings along the traditional taste. Apart from its contribution in cooking, Chironji comes with a number of health benefits that can advantageous for your physical health.
Before discussing the health benefits of these seeds, let’s take a look at its nutrition first.

Level Of Nutrition In Chironji Seeds:

Chironji seeds can be found in three different colors such as white, black and cream. The reason behind the numerous health benefits of chironji seeds is the huge amount of nutrition it contains. Each 100 grams of chironji seeds are enriched with Water, protein, fat, iron, fiber, calcium, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Phosphorus and carbohydrate. Not only has its nutritious value made it popular, but the aromatic flavor has also won many hearts.

Health Benefits Of Chironji Seeds:

Chironji seeds can take good care of your digestive system while improving the liver function and reducing the chances of gall bladder malfunction. At the same time, the juice of chironji seeds works as a remedy for sudden chest pain and diarrhea also.
Some more benefits are –

-Controls Blood Sugar

Chironji seeds help in controlling the blood sugar level along with amounts of blood lipid. So, diabetic patients can consume it on a daily basis for a better result.

-Charges Up Your Brain

These seeds can improve your memory and make your brain more active while working as a brain tonic and help in curing genito-urinary problems. Chironji seeds can boost up your energy by releasing fatigue at once and charges up your brain in no time, even after a long tiring day.

-Beauty Benefits You Can Enjoy

Chironji seeds are enriched with 59% of fat, which helps in moisturizing your skin and leaving it supple and fresh. Mixing chironji seeds with turmeric powder can readily bring a golden glow to your skin. If you have been facing issues with facial hair, chironji seeds can help you out. Make a paste of chironji seeds by grinding them fine and then add some milk and rose water into it. Once this face pack is ready, apply evenly on your skin on a regular basis for a radiant glow. Using these seeds as a facial scrub can help you get rid of facial hair instantly. Even if they grow back, they won’t be recognizable as their color will be same as your skin. Prepare a face pack with chironji paste, aloe vera with sandalwood powder to remove acne and pimples from your skin. Since these chironji seeds are loaded with vitamins and minerals, you can enjoy a natural glow on your skin and get a noticeable hair growth as well.

-Improves Semen Quality

Chironji seeds work as a stimulant for men. Studies show that they assist well in improving the semen quality and prevent premature ejaculation.

Storage Of Chironji Seeds:

For more than 6 months or so, you can store these seeds by putting them inside airtight container and keeping the jar in a cool and dry place.

Though pistachio, almond, cashew nuts are more popular in the market, chironji deserves to be rediscovered for its health benefits. Eat healthy, stay fit and get a flawless skin today!

Sunayana Gupta, Food Consultant

Sunayana Gupta, Food Consultant

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