Foods that You Should and Should Not Eat If Having Constipation!

Whatever your age may be, at any point of time in your life you must have faced the problem of constipation and it is a strong sign that you need to add more fiber to your diet. Whether it was only painful or you faced severe bleeding, you would never like to get those days back again for sure. However, if it continues for a long time all you need to consult a doctor. Apart from medication, some foods are there which you should eat and avoid to get rid of constipation. A few of them are listed here

Take a bite on Dried Fruits

Dried fruits can be a reliable source of high fiber to help you get rid of constipation. This list can include apricots, dates, prunes, figs, raisins and so on. For instance, prunes are not only enriched with fiber, but they are also filled with a natural laxative, sorbitol that contains molecular structures. Fiber retains water while passing through your stomach and softens stool to relieve constipation.

Trust the Sweet Berry Bites

Looking for an out-of-the-box remedy to get rid of your constipation? Then take a handful of luscious blackberries, raspberries or strawberries. Each kind of these berries contains a good amount of fiber and helps in forming soft stool. Since berries are low in calorie, you can have a big bowl of it for breakfast or simply mix them to makes delicious pancakes. What’s more, plums, apples as well as pears can also be useful along with the berries.

Munch on Those Air-Popped Popcorn 

Popcorns are good as low caloric food item to be added to your regular diet. They are whole grains and work effectively as constipation remedy. But piling on some salt and butter to make it tastier will undo these benefits to some extent.

Opt for Whole-Grain Breads

To keep your constipation at bay, replace your regular bread with whole grain breads. These breads are highly enriched with dietary fiber but low in fat to be consumed on daily basis.

Rely on the Beans, Broccoli & green leafy veggies

Beans, broccoli and green leafy veggies like spinach, cabbage, fenugreek contain huge amount of fiber and nutrients, almost twice as much as most of the vegetables. These veggies are noticeably low in calorie. That’s why putting them in your daily diet will not affect your body weight but definitely work on reducing constipation.

Intake lots of juices, water and fibrous fruits

Don’t miss to intake considerate amount of fluids in your body. Water, fresh juices and fibrous fruits help the most. Monitor your bowel movements to see if the juice are helping. Even if you don’t notice a difference, it’s best not to increase your intake. Drinking more juice could lead to diarrhea and other types of abdominal discomfort.

Now…. here comes the list of foods you should avoid for constipation.

Leave Your Spicy and Oily Diet Behind

Time to take a break from your spicy and oily diet! It is highly recommended to replace spicy foods with green leafy vegetables. This will help in reducing the tendency of constipation.

Stop eating Crunchy Chips and Fried foods

Snacks are always a bit tastier than your regular meal and easily replace other side dishes that are enriched with fiber. Other greasy foods like doughnuts, puff corns, french fries, and onion rings, have a very common tendency to bind you up and give a ‘too much filling’ to your stomach. So, intake of such high-fat food items may cause complications to your digestive system and mirror constipation.

Cut off Your ‘Cookies’

Yes, you read it right! The same thing goes for your favorite Cookies as well. They are high in fat but low in fluid and fiber. So causing constipation is quite natural.

Apart from this long list, consumption of good amount of water and daily physical exercise are too essential to keep you away from constipation in the long run.

Sunayana Gupta, Food Consultant

Sunayana Gupta, Food Consultant

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